Want To Know If Your Wig Is Real Or Fake? Here is How

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Want To Know If Your Wig Is Real Or Fake? Here is How

Fake wigs are a lot in the market today, getting to know if your wig is real or fake is one thing you have to sit down, and make a little research about.

When a wig is bought with a huge amount of people and suddenly you found out the wig is fake.

It will be very bad, so that’s why i compiled these list of 8 ways you can know if your wig is real or fake.

1. Expert opinion and recommendation

This is one option you should abide with, you can go through websites, read and know more about different hair wigs, do thorough research before anything. You can also find the ranking of specific ones. We all know good things can be learned from what people say.

2. Bleaching compliant

The natural hair wig should change color immediately, when it is bleached. its just like your normal hair. Because they are made of nylon, they do not absorb or change color when bleaching.

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3. The Burn Test

Synthetic hair wig is made of nylon so it will shrink, burn, melt, and smell when burned. Natural hair wigs are made to get burnt when exposed to fire.

4. Wig shape

Individual human hair has its structure, which can be experienced by running your fingers up and down. Experience the strand of your hair and compare its texture with the human hair wig you love. They should have the same shape. Running with your fingers should be gentle when done downwards.

5. Color

Common human hair color changes when exposed to sunlight for a while. It’s simple and original. Synthetic hair wig does not change color because the color becomes pigmented even when exposed to sunlight.

6. Hair Shedding

Human hair wigs are naturally as light as hair. If the shedding is high, there is good reason to suspect that this is a fake hair wig.

7. Water Test

Natural human hair wig curls if too wet. Spray some water on your wig and measure its response. If not, it’s fake. If you prefer straight hair, avoid curls, use a hot-pressed iron to do this.

8. Cost

Sometimes, the price of your hair wig sometimes determines its quality. Generally, natural human hair wigs are expensive. When you find a ridiculously cheap wig, you may want to think twice before getting it.


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