Here are some Amazing Advantages of Green Tea

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Here are some Amazing Advantages of Green Tea

Green tea is known to be one of the healthiest drinks in the market today, a lot of people know it to be a drink that makes you not to age quickly. It has several nutrients and other things that work flawlessly for the body and mind.

In this post, I will be dropping 8 advantages of it that will make you get addicted to it. You can also read the health benefits of banana here.


1. Weight loss

Green tea enhances metabolism. The polyphenols in green tea help increase the level of fat antioxidants and the rate at which the body converts food into calories.

2. Fat

It reduces bad fats in the body and helps in the ratio of good fats to bad fats.

3. Heart disease

Scientists believe that green tea works on the liner of blood vessels, helping them to relax and feel better while coping with changes in blood pressure, this may protect against the growth of tumors that are the primary cause of heart attack.

4. Tooth decay

Studies show that cadherin, a chemical found in tea, kills bacteria and viruses that can cause tooth decay, throat infections, and other dental conditions.

5. Blood pressure

When you consistently use it, it will reduce the chance of you getting high blood pressure. So always take green tea if you want to overcome high blood pressure.

6. Esophageal cancer

This will reduce the risk of esophageal cancer; However, it can be widely believed that it kills without damaging the healthy tissues surrounding the cancer cells.

7. Diabetes

Green tea helps control glucose levels and lowers blood sugar after eating. This will stop the excess insulin spikes and cause fat storage.

8. Depression

Thianine, an amino acid found in tea leaves. This substance is considered to give a soothing and calming effect and is an excellent benefit for tea drinkers.


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