6 Ways To Inform a Friend About Their Body Odor

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6 Ways To Inform a Friend About Their Body Odor

Body odor is a much-discussed topic. We all know that someone who has body odor, however, due to the fragility of the problems, people tend to back off without informing them they do have body odor. In this post, i have got you covered with some of the ways you can inform someone about body odor.

Talk privately

When you want to inform a person with a body odor about a problem you have noticed, it is important that you tell them privately. It is not harmful to avoid and help you in any way.

Words of praise

Don’t go to the main problem, that will totally show you don’t care about their feelings. You can start with words of appreciation, things you like about them and how you like them.

Don’t be sarcastic about your good intentions, be honest about their good qualities.


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Be diplomatic

Be very straightforward, however, that you are going to discuss a sensitive issue with them, appease them, and go straight by asking their apology before starting.

This will tell them what you are going to talk to them about. Be very diplomatic, relax the environment. Raise your mind to the message you want to leave for them.

Be as direct as possible

Tell them that it is the body odor you are talking about. Do not make vague comments about hygiene, they may think that you are talking oral or something else.

You can say things like: “I think you need to get perfume”.

Ask their side of the story

Before you dismiss them and consider yourself a savior, you may want to ask them if they know about these issues. For a while, medical conditions that they have no control over can cause body odor.

If they know, appreciate their honesty and reassure them that if this is something they have no control over, they will not bring this up again.

Giving advice

If you know ways to help them manage the situation, you can point it out to them and assure them the most privacy. Once they have improved, let them know, you can volunteer to apply perfumes to help with the smell.

Be as polite as possible.

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