5 Signs that Shows Your Skincare Routine is Not Right

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5 Signs that Shows Your Skincare Routine is Not Right

Here are 5 Signs that Shows Your Skincare Routine is Not Right, we all want very flawless and glowing skin, we literally wear makeup and color products to emulate the perfect skin look and make it more beautiful. However, sometimes, our skincare products are not the best for our skin and can cause more harm than good.

Many of us have been experimenting with so many skincare products for quite some time, and some have found new and exciting products to suit them. While others have a different experience. Here are some signs to consider when starting a new skincare routine to see if the products you use are right for you.

1. Redness/swelling

If you use any skincare product and your skin starts to get red spots or you have inflammation, there is a problem somewhere. If your skin does not match some of the ingredients in the product, you may have similar skin reactions and you should stop immediately. Make sure you monitor everything you use on the skin so that you can find the product that causes this reaction, do not run it or adjust your skin, stop and look for a replacement.

2. Excessive oil

If you are using a certain moisturizer or following a certain routine and you notice that your skin is overly oily, there is a problem somewhere. Excessive oil is a sign that your skin is trying to protect you from certain harsh ingredients in your products by moisturizing your skin.

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3. Stick to the skin

This is usually a red flag after you use cleanser or serum. If your skin feels tight enough to not open its mouth without feeling a little painful, you need to do more research on this. Some cleansers contain sodium laurite sulfate, which is very dry and irritating.

4. Break out the pimples

If you do not usually have skin that is prone to acne breakouts. If you are not close to your period or you have regular acne breakouts, it is time to evaluate the ingredients you use in your daily routine. Some items are not attached, some are comedogenic and can easily clog your pores.

5. Itching

When it comes to skin care, it is a big red flag when you notice itching because its caused by bacteria. If you are using a product, follow a routine. But if your skin starts itching, try to keep those products clear for a few days to see what happens. If the itching stops, you should stop using the product.


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