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About Us

  • Findall is a Classified ads where anyone who offers any form of legitimate products or services is encouraged to register and post their ads for free. it is a market place where buyers meet sellers. Guests have access to contact information of users who have posted ads and can contact them if need be to complete their business transactions offline. There are categories  that cover wide ranges of products and services
  • We are very passionate about the “needy” in  the society, so we dedicated  a category “freebies” a community where people post items they no longer need and where the needy can find free items around them
    Please join us and build this community, follow the link and post items you no longer have any use for and can be of assistance to another person. You might just be helping more than you think

The “service” category is your one stop shop for all your service needs, we bring you all the local professionals at the best prices. It is an initiative brought to life as a result of the quest to give a platform to EVERYONE who offer any form of legitimate service to be able to showcase what they offer , in order to reach more prospects and ultimately increase their client base. This ranges from young professionals who do not yet have suitable office spaces or are unable to acquire office spaces, to the owners of existing service outlets who miss out on patronage due to lack of awareness of their existence by prospective customers.

Findall seeks to bring together people who seek services and people who provide services. The website is for everything goods and services, a market place for services in Nigeria and beyond . Giving a Platform to everyone including those at the grassroots who ordinarily would have been doing well in their fields but are disadvantaged by lack of suitable business locations or avenue to showcase their skills, the young lawyer who can practice but has not secured an employment with a big chamber thereby missing out on opportunities or the already established chambers who get no patronage because nobody knows about them, the hairstylist who is very good at his or her skill but is still at the mercy of the owner of a salon because he or she cannot afford to rent a place to setup his or her own salon, tailors who can create wonderful styles but lack patronage because no one knows about them, home tutors who go from street to street pasting notices (which is not a very efficient way to advertise) in order to reach more clients, customers who endure inefficient service providers due to lack of alternatives, wait for days for a service vendor to come by or rely on several referrals just to employ the services of a plumber, painter, cable TV installer, Air-conditioner repairer, carpenter, generator repairer and so on.

It is our vision that this website would help every service provider (individual or corporate) who signs onto it to reach their maximum potential, we want to make getting a service vendor just a click away, it is also our vision to make it a place where customers can find endless options for all their service needs to choose the best professionals at the best possible prices according to their budget.

At findall it is our mission to become a community where customers would have confidence that they would be offered the best deals at unbelievably low prices.